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Search Engine Optimisation

Website SEO Services on the Gold Coast. Our web clients get the benefit of our knowledge and expertise to help put them ahead of the competition.

Appearing on the first page in Google’s search results is a key marketing strategy for many companies. In reality, only a few businesses achieve that goal for their target keywords – often those who do have implemented Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

It’s a multi-pronged attack from our side. First, we use WordPress as a framework for our websites – Lucky you! That in itself puts you ahead of someone who doesn’t. WordPress is great with search engines out of the box with minimal configuration.

For businesses who want to give SEO more of a push, then we offer three key services depending on your needs:

Basic On-site SEO

We will do the basics to give your site the foundations it needs to rank as best it can with google. Working within the SEO framework of wordpress, we will work with you to find outa couple of key search terms and then setup the site to target these and help you rank with the search engines.

Google + Local Business Search

With google dominating the search engine scene, it is important to do the basics right. One aspect that has been of that is setting up your google + business page if you are a location based business. We can manage this process for you, and integrate the key search terms from your site to have extra impact on search results.

Full SEO Service + Copywriting

If you are serious about SEO, then your copy needs to be written in a way that not only reads well to your customers, but also to google and other search engines. This service allows us to do all of the site basics, the google plus business page setup and also look at and rewrite your copy on your site, links within your site and the nitty gritty details that can make a difference in a competitive search market. There are never any guarantees with search, but this is a pretty good place to start.

Talk to us about how we can build you a beautiful, smart website that not only looks great, but drives new business through targeted search – right to your door.