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Google Apps for Work

What is Google Apps for work?

Google Apps for work is a complete communications and data storage package that completely replaces your existing email, contact manager, calendars, and cloud storage on every device. Never lose data, emails or contacts again if your device fails or is lost or stolen

One time only setup - and we assist with that

Once Google Apps for Work is setup all you need to do is sign in with your Google Account and you have immediate access to all your resources as if they always existed on that device. Sign in on any computer as though you were sitting at your own, everything is the same, signatures and setups, access to all your data – anywhere

Secure and Private

Google Apps for work has high levels of security to prevent unauthorised access to your data. Google take security very seriously. If you lose any device you can remotely wipe all data stored on the Google system

Google Apps for Work – A total business solution

Google Apps for work is a complete solution for your business and a total replacement of any system used for email, contacts, calendars, task lists, documents and data storage as well as numerous collaboration tools.

No expensive hardware

No expensive hardware to maintain and IT costs for communications are slashed.

Reliability when travelling

If you have ever experienced emails failing to send using Outlook when travelling, those days are over, you can send and receive mail and data on any internet connection, and if you use the Google Apps mail system you can view all mail without downloading, saving you data services when travelling, more so when travelling abroad.

Professional Email Services

Google Apps for Work allows provisioning of your own Domains for professional email services.  You can even continue to use Outlook if you want to.

All your contacts, emails and calendars can be uploaded to Google Apps meaning you have a complete backup should any hardware break or is stolen

Google Partner

As a Google Partner with years of experience with the product we are able to advise what is best for you and your Company, set it up for you (at a reduced cost when it’s part of a website build) and give you training on how to get the best out of your system.

Compatible across all platforms

Google Apps for work is compatible across all platforms offering seamless integration with your business.  It also has on average 30 times the storage of your ordinary email at around the same cost.

Make your life easier with Google Apps for Work